Table 4

 Causes of prescription corrections (n = 1015)

Number (%)
Clinical causes
    Leaving out basic prescription data71 (7.0)
    Community pharmacy had concerns regarding errors on the prescription207 (20.4)
    Illegible prescription11 (1.1)
    Other, eg:232 (22.9)
        Prescribing a medicine, strength, quantity or dosage that did not exist
        Patient wanted the prescription changed
    Total (clinical causes)521 (51.3)
Administrative causes
    Medicine not immediately in stock91 (9.0)
    Medicine no longer in stock144 (14.2)
    Prescription changed for practical reasons20 (2.0)
    Problems with substitution of medicine25 (2.5)
    Problems with subsidies80 (7.9)
    False prescription3 (0.3)
    Other, eg:55 (5.4)
        Missing or wrong patient identification
        Information about the prescriber was left out
    Reported incidents illegible to the coder76 (7.5)
    Total (administrative causes)494 (48.7)
Total1015 (100)