Table 1 Composition of hospital reporting performance indexes
IndexIndex values*Survey items in the index
Supportive environment0, 1, 2Provides for anonymous reporting for all reporters
Always keeps identity private for reporters who identify themselves
Reporting by a range of staff0, 1, 2At least some of its reports came from physicians
At least some reports were submitted by technicians, therapists, pharmacy staff or other staff
Timely distribution of reports0, 1, 2, 3Distributes summary reports within the hospital
Produces summary reports on a monthly basis or more frequently
Distributes reports within 2 weeks after the end of the reporting period
Review of reports by key departments and committees0, 1, 2Always provides reports to all of hospital administration, nursing department and medical administration
Discusses adverse events at both the hospital board or board committee and the medical executive committee
  • *Default value = 0 for all indexes.