Table 5 Medication-related problems contributing to readmission
No. (%) of patients (n = 41)
Adverse drug effects
Adverse effect of new drugs, occurring after discharge, eg, NSAID-related gastrointestinal bleeding (n = 5), haematuria (n = 1)10
Adverse effects of altered drugs, occurring before discharge, neither addressed nor communicated to GP, eg diarrhoea (n = 3); falls (n = 2); vomiting (n = 1)6
Adverse effects of drugs which were stopped with no reason given or monitoring arranged6
Adverse effect due to medication omitted from TTO*4
Subtotal adverse drug effects26 (63%)
Failure to address problems with compliance11 (27%)
Condition untreated from previous admission4 (10%)
Total41 (100%)
  • *TTO, “to take out” form given to patients at the time of hospital discharge.