Table 4 Survey responses
ItemSample sizeItem meansMean change (95% CI)
Initial surveyFollow-up survey
Change in desired direction
    An effective MMC should focus on how a doctor should have performed563.33.0−0.30 (−0.57 to −0.03)
    Reporting systems do little to reduce future errors572.72.4−0.37 (−0.73 to −0.01)
    Analyses of medical errors and follow-up improvement actions have led to positive changes within our department553.63.90.27 (0.03 to 0.51)
    When an MMC case is presented, I feel the doctor is blamed for the outcome even though the provider’s identity is anonymous573.02.6−0.39 (−0.73 to −0.05)
Change in undesired direction
    Competent doctors do not make medical errors that lead to patient harm581.92.20.26 (0.01 to 0.50)
    MMCs enhance my overall learning584.23.9−0.28 (−0.49 to −0.06)
No change
    Most errors occur as a result of one individual’s actions582.11.9−0.10 (−0.29 to 0.09)
    I feel ashamed when one of my patients is presented at an MMC553.02.7−0.26 (−0.57 to 0.04)
    In my opinion, personnel frequently disregard policies or guidelines that have been established562.62.5−0.13 (−0.38 to 0.12)
    After an error occurs an effective strategy is to work harder to be more careful583.73.4−0.29 (−0.60 to 0.01)
    Patient safety is constantly reinforced in this department as a priority573.83.90.09 (−0.13 to 0.30)
    The culture of medicine makes it easy for me to deal constructively with errors583.13.0−0.07 (−0.36 to 0.22)
    Doctors routinely report medical errors572.72.70.00 (−0.22 to 0.22)
    I am comfortable entering a patient safety net report573.43.60.18 (−0.07 to 0.42)
    The purpose of MMC is to identify provider’s technical and knowledge weaknesses582.52.2−0.29 (−0.66 to 0.07)
    I am comfortable analysing an MMC to find the causes of errors573.83.90.16 (−0.05 to 0.37)
    Doctors should report errors to an affected patient and their family574.04.20.12 (−0.12 to 0.37)
    I feel comfortable disclosing an error to a faculty member573.84.00.19 (−0.04 to 0.43)
    I am comfortable disclosing an error to a patient583.53.70.21 (−0.04 to 0.46)
    Most errors are due to things that doctors cannot do anything about582.52.60.03 (−0.22 to 0.29)