Table 1 Characteristics of patients with and without adverse outcomes, overall patient evaluation, dissatisfaction and suggestions for improvement (Leiden University Medical Center, 1876 surgical patient admissions during 2003)
Patients without adverse outcomesPatients with adverse outcomesTotal
Only in hospitalOnly after dischargeIn hospital and after discharge
Age at admission (years), mean (SD)50.8 (17.0)58.3 (16.7)53.0 (17.2)56.9 (15.7)52.3 (17.1)
Men (%)54.851.851.957.454.1
ASA class III–V (%)*10.831.615.131.714.9
Overall grade of patient evaluation, mean (SD)8.0 (1.3)8.1 (1.3)7.8 (1.4)7.7 (1.6)7.9 (1.3)
    Dissatisfied (%)
    Indicating need for improvement in surgical/nursing care (%)39.739.945.347.541.3
  • *American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) class at first operation of admission.