Table 1 Number and percentage of admissions with positive screening criteria, agreement for each criterion, and association between positive criteria and presence of adverse event
Criterionn (%)Agreement, κp Value*Odds ratio (95% CI)*
(1)Unplanned admission related to previous healthcare management153 (15.2)0.640.41.4 (0.7 to 3.0)
(2)Hospital-incurred patient injury, (eg fall, burn, pressure ulcer)58 (5.8)0.690.0013.9 (1.7 to 8.8)
(3)Other patient complications (eg DVT, MI, CVA, PE**)58 (5.8)0.56<0.0016.9 (3.0 to 15.9)
(4)Hospital-acquired infection/sepsis68 (6.8)0.59<0.00121.7 (10.7 to 44.7)
(5)Cardiac/respiratory arrest, low Apgar score7 (0.7)0.660.0118.5 (2 to 179)
(6)Adverse drug reaction18 (1.8)0.490.0036.5 (1.9 to 22.2)
(7)Unplanned transfer from general care to intensive care13 (1.3)0.660.0410.3 (1.05 to 101)
(8)Unplanned transfer to another acute care hospital2 (0.2)NA0.90 (NA)
(9)Unplanned return to the operating theatre4 (0.4)NA0.62.0 (0.1 to 19)
(10)Unplanned removal, injury or repair of organ during surgery5 (0.5)0.66<0.00188 (6.8 to 114)
(11)Development of neurological deficit not present on admission4 (0.4)NA0.81.4 (0.07 to 28.0)
(12)Inappropriate discharge25 (2.5)0.550.00450 (3.4 to 736)
(13)Unexpected death33 (3.3)0.660.71.3 (0.4 to 4.1)
(14)Injury related to abortion or delivery0 (0.0)NANANA
(15)Dissatisfaction with care documented in medical record21 (2.1)0.800.12.9 (0.7 to 12.0)
(16)Documentation or correspondence indicating litigation0 (0.0)NANANA
(17)Any other undesirable outcomes not covered above116 (11.6)0.54<0.0015.3 (2.7 to 10.3)
(18)Unplanned readmission related to the care provided in the index admission99 (9.8)0.780.0092.7 (1.3 to 5.8)
Admissions with at least one positive criterion448 (44.5)0.68
  • CVA, cerebral vascular accident; DVT, deep vein thrombosis; MI, myocardial infraction; PE, pulmonary embolism.

  • A confidence score of ⩾4 was used for causal link.

  • NA, based on 107 admissions to check the inter-rater reliability, when no criterion was recorded positive, the kappa could not be calculated.

  • *p Value and odds ratio is for multivariate logistic regression.