Table 1 Natural properties and features of complex systems
Properties of complex systemsHealthcare manifestations
Natural networksGroups of clinicians who interact professionally to share information, support, consult, refer and jointly manage patients
Natural hubs and scale-free behaviourOpinion leaders in networks who disproportionately influence policies, events or practices
Natural pathways, connectivity and small worldsCommunication channels facilitating the rapid dissemination of information via “grapevines” and communities of practice
Natural appeal and stickinessMessages and communications that are convincing and are absorbed among clinical cohorts
Natural propagation and tipping pointsThe point at which a message, idea or practice whose time has come is readily adopted by a critical mass of clinicians
Natural categories and natural mappingThe identification of clinically relevant problems grouped as accessible data, to facilitate decision-making and solutions to healthcare problems
Natural interest and self-selectionClinicians with common concerns and complementary expertise voluntarily grouped together to collectively resolve coal-face clinical problems