Table 2

 Dimensions of patient safety culture in primary care

Overall commitment to qualityHow much is invested in developing the quality agenda?
What is seen as the main purpose of policies and procedures?
What attempts are made to look beyond the organisation for collaboration or innovation?
Priority given to patient safetyHow seriously is the issue of patient safety taken within the organisation?
Where does the responsibility lie for patient safety issues?
Perceptions of the causes of patient safetyWhat sort of reporting mechanisms are there?
incidents and their identificationHow are reports of incidents viewed?
As an opportunity for blame or improve?
Investigating patient safety incidentsWho investigates incidents and how are they investigated?
What is the aim of the organisation?
Does the organisation learn from the event?
Organisational learning followingWhat happens after an incident?
a patient safety incidentWhat mechanisms are in place to learn from the incident?
How are changes introduced and evaluated?
Communication about safety issuesWhat communication systems are in place?
What are their features?
What is the quality of record keeping to communicate about safety?
Personnel management and safety issuesHow are safety issues managed in the workplace?
How are staff problems managed?
What are recruitment and selection procedures like?
Staff education and training aboutHow, why and when are education and training programmes about
safety issuespatient safety developed?
Teamworking around safety issuesHow and why are teams developed?
How are teams managed?
How much teamworking is there around patient safety issues?