Table 3 The hierarchy of assistance sought by residents
Domain (n)Major category (n)Sub-theme (n)Representative comment
Sources of advice (27)Colleagues (13)Peers (10)“if I have a question about something I will ask the residents around in the workroom because it is mostly on call when I have these questions and um, I’ll ask around with like round table type thing” [R#22]
Senior residents (3)“you know I would probably say MICU [medical ICU resident] is the main person that I would ask on call, the MROC [senior triage resident] is the other person [R#31]
Sub-specialty fellow (6)“sometimes I curbside the appropriate fellow, I think I do that quite a bit, I think I do that more than talking to the attending” [R#28]
Literature (6)“I do ‘Up-to-Date’ first … then try to get a differential … then come up with some thing”[R#21]
Attending physician (2)“So if I have something that is really pressing I would probably page my attending because you know he’s my boss and so I you know I would turn to him for advice unless its something, you know I would if it was difficult or pressing” [R#27]