Table 1 Triggers for Surgical Trigger Tool (initial testing)
T1Unplanned return to surgery
T2Unexpected change in procedure
T3Unplanned intensive care unit admission
T4Body mass index (BMI) >28
T5Intubation or reintubation in PACU
T6Unplanned x ray
T7Transfusion of red blood cells or blood first intraoperative or first 24 h postoperatively
T8Overnight stay of ambulatory patient
T9Cardiac/pulmonary arrest
T10Intraoperative or postoperative death
T11Mechanical ventilation >24 h
T12Intraoperative medications
T13Positive blood culture
T14Deep vein thrombosis/pulmonary embolism
T15Increased troponin level
T16Readmission within 30 days
T17Change of anaesthesia
T18Consult in PACU
T19Complication (any)
T20Pathology report normal or unrelated to diagnosis
T21Insertion of central or a-line mid-procedure or in PACU
T22Intraoperative time >6 h
T23Unplanned organ removal, injury, repair
T24Other (for adverse events uncovered that do not “fit” a trigger. Any adverse event can be placed under this “Other” trigger.)
  • PACU, postanaesthesia care unit.