Table 2 Hospital-wide implementation of strategies to improve patient-centredness by maturity classification
Domain ItemTotal (%)n = 351High maturity (%)(n = 87)Intermediate maturity (%)(n = 177)Low maturity (%)(n = 87)p Value*
Patients’ rights
    Patients’ rights posted85.585.987.481.40.403
    Consultation and treatment rooms allow privacy97.1100.096.595.30.067
    Written policy on confidentiality85.096.586.570.6<0.001
Patient information and empowerment
    Written policies for informed consent93.095.395.385.90.016
    Written policies for patient involvement70.689.469.453.7<0.001
    Responsible person for health promotion59.986.157.339.5<0.001
Patient involvement in quality management
    Involved in development of criteria or standards21.438.518.411.1<0.001
    Involved in design of protocols19.328.918.212.30.009
    Involved in evaluation of quality objectives35.151.330.329.10.004
    Involved in participation in quality committee30.133.824.238.50.533
    Involved in participation in improvement project39.650.632.343.60.361
    Involved in discussion of results of patient survey35.444.930.635.80.242
Learning from patients
    Internal quality improvement includes monitoring patients views65.589.564.143.4<0.001
    Internal quality improvement includes analysis of patients’ complaints86.396.688.471.8<0.001
    Data on complaints reported to governing board91.796.494.781.0<0.001
    Data on monitoring patients’ opinion reported to governing board82.993.884.568.4<0.001
Patient hotel services
    Possibility of obtaining a single room upon request63.281.959.453.2<0.001
    Choice in timing of meals11.517.511.65.10.015
  • *Pearson χ2 (linear-by-linear association for assessment of rank).