Table 2 Preliminary studies of types of cross-border care
Purposive sample studyCatalan case study
Main diagnosisNumber of patientsMain diagnosisNumber of patients
1Ischaemic heart disease (410–414)789Fracture of the lower limb (820–829)102
2Normal delivery, and other indications for care in pregnancy, labour, and delivery (650–659)433Ischemic heart disease (410–414)84
3Complications occurring mainly in the course of labour and delivery (660–669)296Appendicitis (540–543)59
4Fracture of lower limb (820–829)239Fracture of the upper limb (810–819)34
5Other forms of heart disease (420–429)215Pneumonia and influenza (480–487)32
6Complications mainly related to pregnancy (640–648)165Cerebrovascular disease (430–438)29
7Persons seeking health services for specific procedures and aftercare (V50–V59)153Other forms of heart disease (420–429)27
8Fracture of the upper limb (810–819)101
9Appendicitis (540–543)100
10Fracture of the skull (800–804)87
Number of patients included3756Number of patients1503