Table 3 Ranking of the most common diagnoses for European cross-border hospitalisations
Most common diagnostic groupsRank position in MARQuIS questionnaireRank position in purposive sampleRank position in Catalan case study
Ischaemic heart disease (410–414)112
Other forms of heart disease (420–429)257
Fracture of the skull (800–804)310
Fracture of the lower limb (820–829)441
Other diseases of the digestive system (570–579)5
Hypertensive disease (401–405)6
Persons seeking health services for specific procedures and aftercare (V50–V59)77
Superficial injury (910–919)8
Disorders of the eye and adnexa (360–379)9
Cerebrovascular disease (430–438)106
Normal delivery, and other indications for care in pregnancy, labour, and delivery (650–659)112
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and allied conditions (490–496)12
Diseases of other endocrine glands (250–259)13
Appendicitis (540–543)1493
Pneumonia and influenza (480–487)1585
Complications mainly related to pregnancy (640–648)166
Fracture of the upper limb (810–819)174
Complications occurring mainly in the course of labour and delivery (660–669)3