Abstract 24
Safety Culture DimensionsHospitalSurgery
Mean Diff†Mean Diff†
Outcome Measures
    Frequency of event reporting0.090.27
    Overall perceptions of safety0.080.06
Safety Culture Unit Level
    Supervisor/Manager expectations and actions promoting safety0.02−0.09
    Org. Learning: continuous improvement0.04−0.06
    Teamwork within hospital units0.050.14
    Communication openness−0.050.12
    Feedback and communication about error0.18*0.16
    Non punitive response to error0.02−0.14
    Hospital management support for patient0.120.33
Safety Culture Hospital-wide
    Teamwork across hospital units0.03−0.06
    Hospital handoffs and transitions0.020.15
  • *Statistically significant at p value <0.05

  • †Mean Difference (Aug 2007– Feb 2007)