Table 2

Fields and format on event reports

FieldEvent report and format
Date reportedFcNsNs
Specific patient/groupFcFcFcFcFc
Patient demographics
 Health issues/impairmentsFcFcFcFc
 Physician's patient familiarityFcFcFc
Provider demographicsFcB
 Personal identifierFtFt
 Frequency of harm in officeFcFcFcFc
Describe incidentFtFtFtFtFtFt
 Contributing factorsBFcFtFtFt
 Mitigating factorsBB
 Prevention strategiesFtFtFtFt
 Role(s) involvedFcFcFt
 Incident categoryFcB
 GPs opinion on preventabilityFtB
 Was the patient harmedFtBFcFcFcFc
 Degree of harmFcFcFcFcFc
 Location of errorFcFcBB
 Other commentsFtFtFtFt
  • AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians; AIMS, Advanced Incident Management System; ASIPSa, Applied Strategies for Improving Patient Safety anonymous; B, both; Fc, fixed choice; Ft, free text; GP, general practice; NHS, National Health Service; Ns, not stated; TAPS, Threats to Australian Patient Safety.