Table 1 Operating-theatre team Non-Technical Skills (NOTECHS) assessment tool
Leadership and management
    LeadershipInvolves/reflects on suggestions/visible/accessible/inspires/motivates/coaches
    Maintenance of standardsSubscribes to standards/monitors compliance to standards/intervenes if deviation/deviates with team approval/demonstrates desire to achieve high standards
    Planning and preparationTeam participation in planning/plan is shared/understanding confirmed/projects/changes in consultation
    Workload managementDistributes tasks/monitors/reviews/tasks are prioritised/allots adequate time/responds to stress
    Authority and assertivenessAdvocates position/values team input/takes control/persistent/appropriate assertiveness
Teamwork and cooperation
    Team building/maintainingRelaxed/supportive/open/inclusive/polite/friendly/use of humour/does not compete
    Support of othersHelps others/offers assistance/gives feedback
    Understanding team needsListens to others/recognises ability of team/condition of others considered/gives personal feedback
    Conflict solvingKeeps calm in conflicts/suggests conflict solutions/concentrates on what is right
Problem-solving and decision-making
    Definition and diagnosisUses all resources/analytical decision-making/reviews factors with team
    Option generationSuggests alternative options/asks for options/reviews outcomes/confirms options
    Risk assessmentEstimates risks/considers risk in terms of team capabilities/estimates patient outcome
    Outcome reviewReviews outcomes/reviews new options/objective, constructive and timely reviews/makes time for review/seeks feedback from others/conducts post-treatment review
Situation awareness
    NoticeConsiders all team elements/asks for or shares information/aware of available of resources/encourages vigilance/checks and reports changes in team/requests reports/updates
    UnderstandKnows capabilities/cross-checks above/shares mental models/speaks up when unsure/updates other team members/discusses team constraints
    Think aheadIdentifies future problems/discusses contingencies/anticipates requirements
Below standard = 1Basic standard = 2Standard = 3Excellent = 4
Behaviour directly compromises patient safety and effective teamworkBehaviour in other conditions could directly compromise patient safety and effective teamworkBehaviour maintains an effective level of patient safety and teamworkBehaviour enhances patient safety and teamwork; a model for all other teams