Table 4 Reliability and validity of the Oxford Non-Technical Skills (NOTECHS) tool
Inter-rater reliabilityRwg statistics very high for total score, and most dimensions and subteam scores
Test–retest reliabilityANOVA analysis found no differences in the mean NOTECHS scores during the three preintervention periods or three postoperative periods
Face and content validityNot quantitatively assessed, but qualitatively consistent with OTAS,13 NOTSS15 and ANTS14
Predictive validityTheoretical improvement in teamwork behaviour supported by increased NOTECHS performance
Concurrent validityCorrelation between overall NOTECHS and technical error, and between surgical subteam NOTECHS and technical error; increase in SAQ scores post-training concurrent with an increase in NOTECHS scores
Convergent validityAgreement between OTAS and NOTECHS
  • ANTS, Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills; OTAS, Observational Teamwork Assessment for Surgery; SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire.