Table 1

Organisational performance measures

Organisational performance measureIssues examinedIndicators
Organisational culture dimensions (staff well-being, communication, teamwork, decision-making, standard of care produced, and quality and safety focus of staff)Overall measure: how responsibilities and accountabilities are assigned between individuals, teams and processes/systemsAttitudes and beliefs, and behaviours and practices, displayed in situ
  • Experience of staff about their place to work; values demonstrated by staff

Treatment of staff; local and organisational-wide support structures and services for staff
  • How staff communicate between professions, services and departments

Communication between individuals; how staff speak with, relate to and discuss issues with each other within and across groups; staff-patient discourse, interactions and relationships
  • Extent of staff interactions in teams; what sort of teams there are; the extent to which care planning and execution is done by teams

Propensity to work in teams; interaction levels between individuals; harmonisation of work practices
  • Ways in which, and by whom, decisions are made; the extent to which staff and others are involved in decisions that affect them

How decisions are made and received by staff
  • Locus of responsibility for quality and safety; how care is enacted; how quality of care and patient safety are understood and measured

Use of quality tools, approaches and discourses
Organisational climateManner, conduct and behaviours of staff interacting and communicating with one another, patients and visitors, within the broad organisational contextual environmentEnvironmental atmosphere; the extent to which the organisation as a whole and staff within it are integrated, consensus-oriented and aligned
Consumer involvementEngagement of consumers as active or passive recipients of care; how they are engaged by staff, services and the organisationHow consumers participate, and the ways in which they are encouraged or deterred from involvement
LeadershipExtent that leadership is displayed—by whom, and how is it constitutedWays in which power and influence are exercised; how issues are handled and negotiated; respect of followers and leaders