Table 2

Stakeholder assessment of intervention summaries as quality improvement interventions

ArticleSummary for ratingShould the article be classified as a study of the effectiveness, impacts or success of a QII?No of panelists endorsing each rating level
Ratings adjusted for reviewer effect
Scale=1–5; where 5=definitely; 4=probably; 3=no preference; 2=probably not; 1=definitely not
Spurling and Mansfield10‘This study aimed to evaluate the interactions between pharmaceutical sales representatives and GPs in an Australian general practice, and develop and evaluate a policy to guide the interaction….Doctors' prescribing, diaries, practice promotional material and samples were audited and a staff survey undertaken. After receiving feedback, the staff voted on practice policy options.’2.3±1.41.836012
Khan et al13‘…a pragmatic randomized controlled trial to assess the effect of sputum-submission instructions on female patients…Patients in the intervention group were referred to a designated room where they received guidance as to how to produce a good sputum sample from a female health worker who had been trained by the researcher and a senior tuberculosis control officer as to how to provide sputum samples ’2.5±1.42.334041
Belle et al12‘The intervention addressed care giver depression, burden, self-care, and social support and care recipient problem behaviours through 12 in-home and telephone sessions over 6 months…The intervention involved a range of strategies: provision of information, didactic instruction, role playing, problem solving, skills training, stress management techniques, and telephone support groups to reduce risk in the study's five target areas…’3.0±1.43.423061
Figueiras et al11‘[Objective:] To evaluate the effectiveness of educational outreach visits for improving adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting by physicians….[Intervention:] One-hour educational outreach visits tailored to training needs identified in a previous study.’3.3±1.23.720271
Song et al14‘[Objective:] …to evaluate short-term effects of Patient-Centered Advance Care Planning (PC-ACP)…The PC-ACP interview was delivered by a trained nurse facilitator and lasted from 20 to 45 min.’2.8±1.22.922350
Bradley et al15‘[Objective:] …to identify quality improvement efforts that were associated with hospitals β-blocker prescription rates after acute myocardial infarction (AMI)…This was a cross-sectional study using data from a telephone survey of quality management directors at participating hospitals linked with patient-level data from the National Registry of Myocardial Infarction (NRMI) during the study period….’3.5±0.773.602271