Table 2 Sentinel categories, selected by contribution to total number of complications
Type of procedureNo of procedures*Complication percentage†Percentage of total complications‡
Abdominal incisional hernia repair or explorative laparotomy48915.312.8
Central arteries16439.010.9
Small intestine13435.88.2
Peripheral arteries16825.07.2
Fractures of the lower extremity18020.06.1
Gall bladder/bile ducts20912.94.6
Total no of sentinel procedures204191.0
Total no of all procedures3015100.0
  • *Total number of sentinel procedures in a tertiary referral centre from January 2003 until April 2004.

  • †Complication percentage within this category.

  • ‡Contribution from this category to the total number of complications.