Table 3 Real-time observed process deviations in three datasets
Deviations*Dataset 1 (n = 41)Dataset 2 (n = 30)Dataset 3 (n = 100)Total (n = 171)Percentage of total
Validation period 1Validation period 2
Total preoperative deviations6815322137.3
    Informed consent procedure1326396.6
    Informed consent anaesthesia1642589.8
    Instructions anaesthesiologist1561.0
    Laboratory tests and blood products513183.0
    Pressure area protection protocol1029396.6
    Medication (including premedication)1529447.4
Total peroperative deviations526912925042.2
    Logistics OR, positioning of patient661132.2
    Instruments/material/equipment presence17721457.6
    Instruments/material/equipment functioning822356511.0
Total postoperative deviations299312220.6
    Operation report in medical record1340.7
    Instructions surgeon66122.0
    Instructions anaesthesiologist313162.7
    (Protocol) information1146579.6
    Discharge letter/outpatient appointments49132.2
    Medication at discharge212142.4
Total no52166375593100.0
  • *Deviations represent not adverse events but merely deviations from the optimal and/or appropriate care process and imply potential safety hazard. The outcome of the deviations was not monitored.