Table 5

Interviewee quotations on safer patients initiative (SPI) programme readiness factors

Readiness factorsIllustrative interviewee quotations
1. Programme management structure‘…we had kind of the structure already, because we had somebody in post already as the Safety Patient Lead…So, we were ready for it really…’ (D1—organisational change/modernisation leader)
‘…I think because this programme was put into Quality at the start instead of being put out on its own…it sort of suppressed things…’ (SC4—SPI coordinator)
‘…we took their (Institute for Healthcare Improvements) model by the book and I think we did well by doing that …they gave us a model in the documentation that they first sent us…which was about having a systems lead, an executive lead and a day to day lead in each of the pilot areas and that's how we set it up’ (D1—organisational change/modernisation leader)
2. Selection of initial programme team‘…we didn't get it right first time in terms of the people who went’ (C3—senior executive manager)
‘…that was something we did wrong right at the start, we didn't have the right people on the team, the workers at floor level…’ (G2—organisational change/modernisation leader)
3. Engaging clinicians‘ I think the only way around it is to engage your medical staff from the start and ask them to lead…’ (SC4—SPI coordinator)
‘…I think that we would engage the clinical directors, all of them, at a much earlier stage…’ (D2—senior nursing leader)
‘…the passive acceptance is enough to get you started…’ (D3—senior clinical leader)
4. Communication and education prior to programme onset‘…I think if you're going to give a message to people you need to do education before…’ (SC3—SPI coordinator)
‘…we had quite a high profile, campaign in the beginning to sort of let everybody know what it was about so people understood …we made sure that there was a big bang in terms of leadership, announcing the campaign saying it's big…’ (D1—organisational change/modernisation leader)