Table 1

Questions to F1 motor racing teams and clinical participants

ThemeF1 motor racing teamsClinical participants
Teamwork and communicationIs there a procedure for race drivers or test drivers to conduct debriefings?
Where does their feedback go to?
What happens when a patient is transferred from the operating theatre to a postoperative ward—how does the process take place?
Do you think there are clear procedures, such as checklists and briefings/debriefings?
During a patient transfer, what methods are involved for the transfer of patient's details and information for passing onto other staff
When transferring a patient, how often do you practice the process with colleagues? If you do practice, do you make sure everyone including the surgeons/consultants know what to do and who is in charge of each stage?
Threat and error managementIn terms of passing on information to mechanics, engineers, designers, etc, is there a checklist procedure?
What is involved, and how is it organised?
What would you say are the key elements which would improve the process of transferring a patient?
What do you regard as the most challenging aspect of transferring a patient from theatre? Are there some particularly difficult areas which you need to be most aware of?
Task designIs there a handover procedure between different departments and shift workers during the manufacturing process to maintain quality control?Do you know of any written or formal specifications of how to conduct a patient handover?