Table 2

Summary of responses by question area from F1 Teams

TeamWorking practiceInformation transfer
Teamwork and communication [Briefings and debriefings]ARace drivers, test drivers, engine, gearbox and tyre engineers integrated in post and pre session briefings.Feedback recorded and typed into electronic document and sent back to factory for analysis.
BProcedure for race and test sessions.Feedback goes back to car concept and engineering phases at factory. Regular debriefings.
CProcedure for race and test sessions. Includes drivers, engine, chassis, tyre. Radio communication recorded.Process repeated including designers, manufacturing. Data recorded and analysed.
DOfficial debriefing with minutes. Radio communication recorded.General debriefing with other departments: engineers, aerodynamics.
EFixed procedure and schedule for briefings/debriefings for race and test sessions.Briefing sheet stored on company server for access to relevant personnel.
Threat and error management [Checklists]AYes such as job-list to change car specificationpassed from race engineer to mechanics.Faults logged in faults system and sent to factory. All data transferred electronically.
BChecklist procedures for engineering change, process change, set-up and fault management.Feed-forward and feedback
CChecklists used for car build process, set-up, drivers briefings for diagnostics, mechanics.Bespoke web-based database used providing trackside and factory engineers live interpretation of performance issues. Faults can be tracked and resolved quickly.
DRun through checklists for problems, actions, projects.Project tasks allocated and due date agreed for resolving issues. Written and verbally transferred.
EEvery race or test session checklists are completed by engineers and drivers.Feedback goes from the race engineer to relevant person at track or factory.
Task design [Handover]ADebrief of 1 h to handover correctly. Maintained for quality control, work efficiency, production.Shift log kept and signed.
BNo of processes to ensure quality control at all points, based on ISO9000 lean manufacturing principles.[Unable to provide data]
CFormal handover with care build and checklists forshift workers. Procedures for quality assurance based on ISO9000Database used for commenting on production issues and follow-up.
DAvoid transfer critical component work to other staff. Procedures all defined in accordance to risk level. Less critical work shifts overlap.Staff must finish a defined step before starting next one. Written and verbal.
E[Unable to provide data][Unable to provide data]