Table 1

Major patient safety topics

Topic #Quality domainPatient safety topic
1StructureOrganisational determinants and latent failures
2StructureStructural accountability: the use of accreditation and regulation to advance patient safety
3StructureSafety culture
4StructureInadequate training and education, manpower issues
5StructureStress and fatigue
6StructureProduction pressures
7StructureLack of appropriate knowledge and availability of knowledge, transfer of knowledge
8StructureDevices, procedures without human factors engineering
9ProcessErrors in process of care through misdiagnosis
10ProcessErrors in the process of care through poor test follow-up
11ProcessErrors in the structure and process of care: counterfeit and substandard drugs
12ProcessMeasures of patient safety
13ProcessErrors in process: unsafe injection practices
14OutcomesAdverse events and injuries due to medical devices
15OutcomesAdverse events due to medications
16OutcomesAdverse events: injury to patients due to surgical errors
17OutcomesAdverse events due to healthcare associated infections
18OutcomesAdverse events due to unsafe blood products
19OutcomesPatient safety among pregnant women and newborns
20OutcomesPatient safety concerns among older adults
21OutcomesAdverse events due to falls in the hospital
22OutcomesInjury due to pressure sores and decubitus ulcers
23OutcomesHow to bring the patients' voices into the patient safety agenda