Table 2

Patients, medication orders and prescribing errors identified

Pre-interventionPost-interventionRRR (%)ARR (%)Statistical analysis OR
Number of orders written for all patients9772*10 352*
Number of medication orders per patient12 (0–60)12 (0–70)
Prescribing errors
All prescribing errors identified (% of orders)23001935
Number of patients with ⩾1 errors (% of patients)591 (81.0%)*587 (78.1%)*3.52.9χ2 test, p = 0.182
Prescribing errors per patient2 (0–20)2 (0–17)Mann–Whitney U test, p = 0.021
Percentage of errors per order per patient20.0% (0–250%)15.8% (0–180%)21.04.2Mann–Whitney U test, p = 0.03
  • ARR, absolute risk reduction; OR, odds ratio; RRR, relative risk reduction.

  • *Number (percentage).

  • Median (range).

  • Calculated from total number of errors per patient divided by total number of orders multiplied by 100.