Table 1

Number of errors by substage

StudyNumber of observationsNumber of errors reported in each substage
1A1B1D2B4A6A7A10A10B10COmission error
O'Hare21 (UK)179251401142
Hartley et al22 (UK)32395091682040
Lammert et al24 (Denmark)114180501840
Bruce and Wong25 (UK)107316
Waldau et al26 (Denmark)1185331531
Taxis and Barber27 (UK)4300123601216312
Wirtz et al28 (UK, Germany)2780730
Taxis and Barber29 (Germany)12203240331
Cousins et al30 (UK, France, Germany)798013228813601718
  • – Indicates no data were collected in the primary study; only the substages where results were reported in the studies are presented.