Table 1

Self-assessment of comfort level with quality improvement tasks: pre-post and Post (PGY2) versus end of year PGY3

Percentage of residents reporting moderate to extreme comfort with quality improvement taskPGY2 Pre- (%)PGY3 Control (%)PGY2 Post- (%)p valuesPGY2 Post versus PGY3 Control
PGY2 Pre versus PostPGY2 Pre versus PGY3 Control
Write a clear aim7171960.010.9840.01
Apply the best professional knowledge5367960.0010.2960.01
Use measurement to improve4154890.0010.3290.001
Study the process2158960.0010.0030.001
Make changes in a system2425890.0010.8970.001
Identify if a change leads to improvement3254960.0010.0970.001
Use small cycles of change1122820.0010.1700.001
Identify best practice/compare local practice4458860.0010.2860.03
Implement structured plan to test a change1842930.0010.0440.001
Use Plan–Do–Study–Act cycle913890.0010.6510.001
Identify how data are linked to processes1821890.0010.7610.001
Build next improvement2654930.0010.0320.001