Table 3 Original and education innovation process
Original processEducation innovation
Student participation
    Student gathers/requests paper copies of academic recordStudent integrates data from established information system
    Student types and formats draft MSPEStudent adds personal information
    Meeting held with student to review final letterStudent reviews and accepts changes online
Administrative participation
    Administrative staff retrieves paper copies of student’s record for faculty reviewDraft MSPE assigned for review
    Administrative staff locates missing dataProcess eliminated
    Administrative support types changes and creates a revised copy for each committee memberProcess eliminated
    Administrative support types up Committee changes to create final letterProcess eliminated
    Copies created for each committee member to review final letterProcess eliminated
    Administrative staff schedules meetingProcess eliminated
    Final MSPE letter printed to allow for Committee and Dean signaturesElectronic signatures inserted automatically when letter saved
    MSPE letter is scanned page by pageProcess eliminated
    Scanned MSPE uploaded into ERASMSPE letter converted through website to PDF, and file is simultaneously uploaded into ERAS
Committee participation
    Committee member reviews accuracy of draft letter with academic recordsFaculty Committee member edits MSPE letter online
    Committee member writes on paper copy of letterCommittee reviews draft online
    Committee writes final changes on paper copy of letterCommittee makes final changes to MSPE letter online
  • ERAS, Electronic Residency Application Service; MSPE, Medical Student Performance Evaluation.