Table 4 Correlations at individual level (to the left of the diagonal) and unit level (to the right of the diagonal), corrected for occupation type, years of work at unit and hours a week of work at the unit
1Feedback about and learning from error0.4010.6290.4150.4450.3060.298–0.041 NS
2Overall perceptions of safety0.3860.158 NS0.100 NS0.1940.135 NS0.067 NS0.631
3Teamwork across hospital units0.2890.326
4Frequency of event reporting0.3570.2390.146−0.076 NS−0.032 NS0.600−0.020 NS−0.290
5Supervisor/manager expectations and actions0.4290.3210.2100.1650.3240.053 NS0.3220.213
6Teamwork within units0.3250.2770.2020.1960.314−0.020 NS0.597−0.042 NS
7Non-punitive response to error0.2720.3620.1980.1620.2930.261
8Smooth transitions0.2190.3020.4390.1720.1550.1990.2060.216 NS−0.149 NS
9Openness of communication0.4260.2980.2100.1910.3930.3230.3520.229−0.130 NS
10Adequate staffing0.1400.3000.1380.0450.2600.1760.2420.1350.208
11Hospital management support0.4200.3710.3750.2240.3060.1800.2120.2210.2460.188
  • All correlations were significant at p<0.05, except for those specified with NS (not significant). There was not enough information to obtain estimates at unit level for Teamwork across hospital units, Non-punitive response to error and Hospital management support.