Table 2

Mortality and cardiac arrests

Before (24 months)After (12 months)RR (95% CI)p Value
Admissions to PICU and wards10 5765471
Admissions to wards86444484
Deaths in PICU and wards10240
per 1000 admissions to PICU and wards9.647.310.76 (0–1.03)0.078
Deaths in wards132
Per 1000 admissions to wards1.500.450.30 (0–1.04)0.070
Cardiac arrests
Cardiac arrests in PICU and wards4315
Per 1000 admissions to PICU and wards4.072.740.68 (0–1.10)0.116
Outcome: survived to discharge13 (30%)7 (47%)
Cardiac arrests in wards112
Per 1000 admissions to wards1.270.450.35 (0–1.24)0.126
Outcome: survived to discharge6 (55%)2 (100%)
  • PICU, paediatric intensive care unit.

  • *Deaths include “do not resuscitate” orders.