Table 5 Estimated life expectancy of deceased patients with adverse events (AEs), preventable AEs and potentially preventable AEs that were associated with death
Life expectancyDistribution AEs (column %*)Preventable AEs (column %*)Potentially preventable deaths (column %*)
Some days2.31.50.6
Some weeks9.26.34.9
Some months14.311.29.2
6–12 months23.524.926.4
1–5 years24.428.331.3
5–10 years10.610.712.3
10–20 years2.61.51.8
More than 20 years1.63.43.7
Unable to determine10.811.28.6
Missing, NA0.71.01.2
  • NA, Not of application

  • *Percentages were weighted for oversampling of deceased patients admitted to a university hospital.