Table 3

Results of χ2 analyses comparing the agreement/non-agreement of health practitioners with higher (n=377), static (n=924) or lower (n=362) reporting rates after implementation of Incident Information Management System (IIMS)*

Questionnaire items assessing enablers/barriers grouped by type of enablerPercentage of group agreeing with itemχ2
‘More’ group‘Static’ group‘Fewer’ group(df 2)p Value
Accessibility of IIMS
 IIMS is operating whenever it is needed59.5%54.8%39.9%32.320.001
 We have an adequate number of PCs in my workplace to access IIMS59.9%57.6%45.7%18.620.000
 Mean agreement with accessibility items59.7%56.2%42.8%
 Rank of group accessibility mean222
Ease of use of IIMS
 IIMS is easy to use55.7%46.7%20.4%105.190.000
 Reporting an incident on the computer is easier than reporting one on paper59.1%41.1%18.1%129.320.000
 I can complete my incident report later if I am interrupted40.5%39.3%30.3%10.730.005
 The classification of incidents used in IIMS is logical45.6%40.9%23.2%45.600.000
§ Resources are available to analyse real-time incident data promptly35.5%30.1%16.8%17.910.000
 Mean agreement with ease of use items47.3%39.6%21.8%
 Rank of group ease-of-use mean545
Security of IIMS
 The security and privacy of the IIMS system for staff is adequate68.5%59.5%47.4%34.310.000
 The security and privacy of the IIMS system for patients is adequate70.1%63.1%49.0%36.270.000
 Mean agreement with security items69.3%61.3%48.2%
 Rank of group security mean111
Feedback from reports
 I can determine the follow-up status of any incident34.6%33.5%21.9%18.580.000
§ IIMS provides incident data to all relevant departments in a timely fashion62.6%54.7%34.4%33.770.000
 Average agreement with feedback items48.6%44.1%28.1%
 Rank of group feedback mean433
Workplace reporting culture
 We have a non-punitive culture of reporting in my workplace46.4%44.4%37.2%7.330.026
 The culture in this facility is ‘the higher the number of incident reports, the better’28.1%18.7%21.3%13.330.001
 Average agreement with culture items37.2%31.5%29.2%
 Rank of group culture mean664
Value placed on IIMS
 IIMS improves patient safety60.1%49.2%32.4%57.380.000
 Reporting incidents using IIMS is a good use of staff time and resources54.2%39.3%19.9%91.420.000
 Computerised incident reports are more accurate than paper incident reports40.4%24.0%13.9%70.280.000
 IIMS encourages open disclosure to patients23.9%16.3%8.6%31.540.000
§ IIMS improves the system's knowledge of appropriate quality and risks measures and trends69.6%54.5%29.9%62.350.000
 Average agreement with value items49.6%36.7%20.9%
 Rank of group value mean356
  • * χ2 compared strongly agree/agree responses with neutral/disagree/strongly disagree responses. Only the former are shown. Participants failing to answer individual items ranged from 6 to 23.

  • Items and enabler types with which >50% of group strongly agree/agree are shown in bold.

  • The six average agreement scores of each reporting group were ranked from 1 (enabler type most often experienced) to 6 (enabler least often experienced).

  • § Only users with a managerial component to their role (n=869) answered these items.