Table 1

National confidential enquiries (in chronological order by start date)

Topic (reference)TitleCountryYear startedMean annual no of cases reviewed
1Maternal mortality3Confidential Enquiry into Maternal DeathsEngland and Wales (UK since 1985)1952–98
2Maternal mortality7Confidential Enquiry into Maternal MortalityAustralia1964–22
3Maternal mortality8Confidential Enquiry into Maternal DeathsScotland1965–198521
4Maternal mortality9Confidential Enquiries on Maternal DeathsAustria1975–19987
5Surgical complications10Confidential Enquiry into LaparoscopyUK1976–19771818
6Perinatal mortality11Confidential Enquiry into Perinatal and Infant DeathsFrance19808NK
7Maternal mortality12Confidential Enquiry into Maternal DeathsNetherlands1983–27
8Maternal mortality13Confidential Enquiry into Maternal MortalityBahrain1987–20044
9Surgical mortality14 (and medical mortality)National Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Deaths (National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome & Death)England, Wales and Northern Ireland1988–2002 (2002–)1415
10Pain during labour15Confidential Enquiry into the Relief of Pain in LabourUK1990NK
11Cardiac catheter complications16Confidential Enquiry into Cardiac Catheter ComplicationsUK1990–1999174
12Maternal mortality17Confidential Enquiry into Maternal DeathsJapan1991–1992230
13Perinatal mortality2Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Deaths in InfancyEngland, Wales, Northern Ireland1992–6571
14Respiratory mortality5Scottish Confidential Inquiry into Asthma DeathsScotland1994–199632
15Respiratory mortality18Confidential Inquiry into Asthma DeathsWales1994–199642
16Surgical mortality6Scottish Audit of Surgical MortalityScotland1995–310
17Respiratory mortality19National Confidential Enquiry into community acquired pneumonia deaths in young adults in England and WalesEngland and Wales1995–199627
18Maternal mortality20Confidential Inquiry into Maternal DeathsFrance1996–98
19Perinatal mortality21Confidential Enquiry into Deaths due to PrematurityWales199649
20Suicide and homicide4National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide & Homicide by People with Mental IllnessUK19962200 (suicide), 70 (homicide)
21Anaesthetic mortality22National Confidential Inquiry of Anaesthesia-Related DeathsFrance1999NK
22Epilepsy mortality27National Sentinel Clinical Audit of Epilepsy-Related DeathUK1999–2000439
23Heroin addiction treatment mortality23National Confidential Enquiry into Methadone-Related DeathsScotland200177
24Maternal morbidity25Scottish Confidential Audit of Severe Maternal MorbidityScotland2003–270
25Maternal morbidity24Confidential Enquiry into Maternal MorbidityNetherlands2004–200639
26Maternal and Perinatal mortality26Perinatal and Maternal MortalityNew Zealand2006–1078 (perinatal), 14 (maternal)
27Anaesthetic complications28National Confidential Acute Pain Critical Incident AuditUK2006–200784
  • NK, not known.