Table 5

Perceived impact of alerts

Respondent category*MD (n=46)DN (n=39)CG (n=40)OD (n=38)CP (n=52)Total (n=219)
No (%)No (%)No (%)No (%)No (%)No (%)
Believe the medication safety materials produced to date by the NPSA led to meaningful improvements in patient safety32 (69.6%)37 (94.9%)33 (82.5%)35 (92.1%)46 (88.5%)183 (83.6%)
Believe clinical staff of all grades, are more aware of medication safety issues as a result of the outputs of the NPSA Safer Medication Team33 (71.7%)30 (76.9%)32 (80.0%)29 (76.3%)42 (80.8%)166 (75.8%)
  • * MD, Medical Director; DN, Director of Nursing; CG, Clinical Governance Director; OD; other director; CP, Chief Pharmacist.