Table 1

Identifying research themes across studies of innovation diffusion32

ThemeDopson and Gabbay33 (1995)Wood et al34 (1998)Dawson et al35 (1998)Clinical Standards Advisory Group36 (1998) (Gabbay et al)Fitzgerald et al37 (1999)Dopson et al38 (1999)Locock et al39 (1999)
1. Evidence is not sufficient3233333
2. Evidence is socially constructed2332333
3. Evidence is differentially available2323312
4. Hierarchies of evidence exist3333233
5. Other sources of evidence2233323
6. The importance of professional networks2333333
7. The role of professional boundaries2333322
8. Context as an influence3233333
9. The role of opinion leaders2233333
10. The enactment of evidence3333333
  • 1, Theme is present; 2, strong evidence of theme; 3, very strong evidence of presence.