Appendix: The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (subscales for each item indicated in parentheses)Please indicate your degree of agreement with the following statements by placing a tick in the appropriate box. There are no right or wrong answers—we are simply interested in your views

Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
1. Patients receive the best care from the staff working at this practice (General satisfaction)
2. I feel it is easy to speak to my doctor by telephone (Access)
3. The doctor clearly explains what is wrong before giving any treatment (Doctors)
4. Getting an appointment at a convenient time is easy (Appointments)
5. The practice nurses do not take care to explain things carefully (Nurses)
6. The doctor does enough tests to find out what is wrong (Doctors)
7. I have absolute faith and confidence in the doctors (General satisfaction)
8. The doctor is always available to give advice over the telephone (Access)
9. The doctor does not tell me enough about the treatment (Doctors)
10. The surgery building could do with some improvements (Facilities)
11. The doctor fully explains how the illness will affect my future health (Doctors)
12. It is easy to get advice over the telephone (Access)
13. The doctor is very careful to check everything when examining me (Doctors)
14. I am satisfied with the out of hours service (Access)
15. The doctor is always interested (Doctors)
16. The practice has good facilities for dealing with emergencies which occur when the surgery is closed (Access)
17. The doctor always asks about how my illness affects everyday life (Doctors)
18. I sometimes feel I have not been given enough information by the doctor (Doctors)
19. I am not satisfied with my doctor (General satisfaction)
20. The practice nurse does not always listen carefully when I talk about my problems (Nurses)
21. There are one or two things about this surgery I am not happy about (General satisfaction)
22. The waiting room is uncomfortable (Facilities)
23. The receptionists explain things clearly to me (Access)
24. Sometimes the doctor makes me feel I am wasting his/her time (Doctors)
25. I don't feel confident discussing my problems with the doctor (Doctors)
26. Appointments are easy to make whenever I need them (Appointments)
27. The doctor seems to want to get rid of me as soon as possible (Doctors)
28. The doctor gives me every chance to talk about all my problems (Doctors)
29. I feel perfectly satisfied with the way I am treated at the surgery (General satisfaction)
30. It is often difficult to get an appointment with a doctor (Appointments)
31. The doctor sometimes fails to appreciate how ill I am (Doctors)
32. The doctor shows a genuine interest in my problems (Doctors)
33. The receptionists ask patients the right questions (Access)
34. There are not enough seats in the waiting room (Facilities)
35. The doctor does everything needed to arrive at a diagnosis (Doctors)
36. The practice nurse is always very reassuring. (Nurses)
37. The doctor always puts me at ease (Doctors)
38. The waiting room seats are uncomfortable (Facilities)
39. It is easy to see the doctor of my choice (Appointments)
40. The doctor is very understanding (Doctors)
41. I have thought of changing to another practice (General satisfaction)
42. Even when the doctor is busy I am examined properly (Doctors)
43. I can speak to a receptionist privately if I wish (Access)
44. The doctor knows when tests are necessary (Doctors)
45. The practice nurse makes me feel that I'm wasting his/her time (Nurse)
46. I do not feel rushed when I am with the doctor (Doctors)
Finally, we would ask you a few questions about yourself so that we can see how different groups of people (e.g. men/women) feel about the services offered by their General Practice.
1. Are you:□ Male□ Female(Please tick)
2. Are you disabled?□ Yes□ No(Please tick)
3. How old are you?________ years
4. How many children, under the age of 16, do you have in your home?________
5. How many times have you seen the doctor in the last year?________
6. How many times has the doctor come to see you at home in the past year?________
7. How many times have you tried to contact the doctor when the surgery was closed in the past year________
8. Do you have a telephone at home?________
Thank you for your help. Now please return the questionnaire.