Table 1

Challenges and response to climate change and healthcare improvement

Climate changeHealthcare quality and safety
 An ecosystem and societal threat A societal threat
 Relatively newly perceived problem driving the interest, concern, opportunities Beginning to be framed as a coherent problem, capable of being meaningfully measured
 Sustained, long-term change required Sustained long-term change required
 Established institutes now addressing the multifaceted nature of the problem Small centres emerging but few in number and precarious support
 Need for multidisciplinary approaches accepted Multidisciplinary work sporadic
 Disciplines need to work together in a common space Necessary but rarely achieved
 The challenge has attracted new sources of funding Funding streams still precarious
 New language and concepts emerging Same principle but not yet established
 Major multidisciplinary centres established Smaller centres established but few with long-term security
 Attracts systems thinkers who enjoy crossing disciplinary boundaries Same, but not well developed
 Established experts Leaders emerging
 People who come together maintain a ‘foot’ in their home departments Yet to be firmly established
 Strong public engagement and pressure for individual behaviour changes Public engagement mainly restricted to activists and pioneers. Potential for patient and public involvement still nascent.
 Considerable debate on the extent and impact of climate change Similar debate about extent of problems