Table 4

Situations that should be excluded as prescribing errors

ScenarioRound 1*Round 2*Code†
*Figures refer to the lower limit of the interquartile range, the median score (in bold), and the upper limit of the interquartile range.
†C = consensus; P = partial agreement; EX = exclude as a prescribing error.
Prescribing by brand name (as opposed to generic name)1, 2, 3.51, 2, 3C, EX
Prescribing a drug without informing the patient of its uses and potential side effects1.75, 3, 5.252, 3, 4C, EX
Prescribing a drug for which there is no evidence of efficacy, because the patient wishes it2, 3, 52, 3, 3C, EX
Prescribing for a child a drug that has no product license for use in children1, 2, 4.251, 2, 3C, EX
Prescribing a drug that is not in the hospital formulary1, 2, 3.252, 2, 3C, EX
Prescribing contrary to hospital treatment guidelines1.75, 3, 51.75, 3, 4.25P, EX
Prescribing contrary to national treatment guidelines2, 3, 52, 3, 5P, EX
Prescribing for an indication that is not a drug's product license1, 3, 51, 3, 3.25P, EX