Table 2

Actual and potential harm of the incidents reported

Harm to patients following from the incidentDefinitionActual harm (reported), in 423 of 476 incident reports (53 missing)Potential harm (estimated), estimated by IRP-committee in all 476 incident reports
NonNo harm for the patient107 (25%)60 (13%)
MinorDelay for the patient such as long waiting time and/or additional treatment in primary care necessary and/or irritation and/or extra costs248 (58%)346 (73%)
ModerateMinor temporary injury and/or additional treatment in hospital necessary and/or conflict with the patient and/or important extra costs55 (13%)46 (10%)
MajorSerious temporary injury and/or minor, but permanent harm and/or hospital admission necessary and/or large extra costs11 (3%)19 (4%)
CatastrophicDeath or life-threatening situation and/or serious permanent injury2 (0.5%)3 (0.5%)