Table 3

Additional steps taken by primary care providers to ensure that patients maintained future follow-up

Cancer typeExample and quote
Took additional steps to ensure that patients maintained future follow-up.
 Colorectal“Ok in March 2008 let me see … I saw a drop in his haemoglobin haematocrit. I did a guaiac, which was positive … And then, at that time, I ordered him a colonoscopy. I called the colonoscopy unit right away and they did the colonoscopy the same [month]…” (Provider 8)
Made additional efforts to express their concerns to patients, emphasising the need for further testing in an attempt to ensure follow-up
 Lung“They didn't want to do anything about it [abnormal chest x-ray]. So I put in a consult for him to Pulmonary again. I spend a lot of time with him that day kind of breaking down their myths.” (Provider 9)
Persistently contacted a patient's family member to express concern for follow-up
 Lung“And luckily I did have the daughter's contact number. And left her several messages until I got a hold of her and kind of impressed upon her that his chest x-ray looked really abnormal, he's been a smoker, and he has trouble breathing. I'm concerned there's some kind of tumour going on.” (Provider 1)