Table 1

Differences in personal, medical, and contact characteristics between patients of GPs (n=241) and patients of midwives (n=150)

Patient characteristicsGPsMidwives
*p<0.01, **p<0.05 significant difference between patients of GPs and midwives (t test or χ2 test).
†The guidelines advise relating the amount of blood loss to the patient's normal menses: ≤ own menses or > own menses.
‡More than one probability diagnosis possible.
Personal characteristics
 Mean age (years)29.629.4
Medical characteristics
 Mean duration of pregnancy (weeks)8.610.4*
 Mean duration of complaints (hours)44.732.0**
 Blood loss†
  No blood loss (%)49**
  ≤ own menses (%)7770
  > own menses (%)1921
 Pain (%)4541
 Probability diagnosis‡
  Imminent miscarriage (%)7883
  Complete miscarriage (%)109
  Incomplete miscarriage (%)613**
  Intact pregnancy (%)1520
  Portio erosion (%)213*
  Ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, premalignant disease (%)21
Contact characteristics
 Having had an ultrasound scan (%)932*
 Having been referred to obstetrician (%)911
 Mean no. of physical examinations 1.821.2*
 Follow up appointment (weeks)0.980.74*