Table 3

Final multilevel regression model of physical examinations*, parameter estimates and t ratios†

Final model, parameter (t ratio)
*Terms are defined as in table 1 and in the Results section.
†If the t ratio exceeds ±1.96, the estimate is considered to be significantly different from zero at the 0.05 level.
Patient variables
 Age−0.016 (−1.48)
 Duration of pregnancy0.043 (2.07)
 Duration of complaints0.002 (2.26)
 No blood loss−0.561 (−2.69)
 Much blood loss0.107 (0.82)
 Pain0.198 (1.90)
 Ultrasound scan−0.035 (−0.24)
 Referral to obstetrician−0.350 (−2.03)
Care provider variables
 Age−0.012 (−1.22)
 Sex (female)0.268 (1.11)
 Midwife−0.296 (−1.22)
 Acceptance0.381 (5.33)
Explained variance (patients)9%
Explained variance (care providers)53%