Table 1

Characteristics of resuscitated babies in the downloaded recordings, in recordings presented in debriefings, and in recordings shown to the evaluation panel. Recordings from the first and second 4.5 months of the debriefing period are compared

Date recorded (all are 2009)NumberGestation in weeks and days Mean (SD)Birth weight (g) Mean (SD)
Recordings downloaded
 Mid February—June5431:0 (3:6)1598 (711)
 July—mid November6232:0 (4:0)1700 (802)
Recordings presented in debriefings for clinicians
 Mid February—June2231:2 (3:5)1515 (569)
 July—mid November2331:6 (4:3)1806 (940)
Recordings presented to the expert panel
 Mid February—June1930:3 (3:1)1518 (767)
 July—mid November1930:3 (3:0)1511 (744)