Table 2

Scores given by the experts for the 16 items used to evaluate the recordings. Scores are shown for resuscitations in the first versus second 4.5 months of the debriefing period. Also presented are changes between the two periods in percentages relative to the scores in the first period, and inter-observer scoring consistency expressed as Cronbach's α. (p) refers to p-value from ANOVA

Score Mean (SD)Change between periods %Difference between periods (p)Consistency (Cronbach α)Difference between experts (p)Interaction of experts and periods (p)
First periodSecond period
 Were the activities coordinated?3.14 (0.99)3.33 (0.89)
 Was information sought?3.29 (1.07)3.66 (0.80)<0.010.55
 Was information shared?3.47 (1.08)3.66 (0.80)<0.010.43
 Were problems identified AND pointed out clearly?3.16 (1.30)3.41 (0.92)7.90.460.650.090.59
 Was each team member supported by the other team members?3.30 (0.98)3.43 (0.88)3.90.450.800.090.98
 Were human resources used effectively?3.01 (1.12)3.35 (0.95)
 Were next steps planned and discussed/anticipated?3.11 (1.21)3.57 (0.86)
Following guidelines
 Providing warmth/avoidance of heat loss2.82 (1.15)2.87 (0.98)1.80.790.800.040.75
 Positioning/maintaining airway patency3.17 (0.98)3.19 (0.86)0.60.900.54<0.010.35
 Intubation3.20 (1.05)2.48 (0.91)−
 Monitoring vital signs3.19 (1.10)3.41 (0.88)<0.010.85
 Prioritising activities3.19 (1.00)3.22 (1.00)0.90.850.690.670.97
Control of procedure
 Assessing neonate's needs3.12 (1.07)3.10 (1.02)−0.60.920.60<0.010.58
 Planning required actions2.98 (1.13)3.04 (1.10)2.00.570.65<0.010.57
 Implementing required actions3.03 (0.98)2.89 (0.94)−4.60.370.57<0.010.11
 Evaluating performed activities3.29 (0.96)3.20 (0.86)−2.70.530.63<0.010.82