Table 3

Potentially beneficial treatments for foot ulcers

InterventionMode of actionComment
*Janssen H, Rooman R, Donecker P, et al. Topical ketanserin accelerates the wound healing process in decubitus, arterial and diabetic skin ulcers. Unpublished.
Total contact castingA plaster cast which redistributes weight on the footOne small RCT showed benefit60
Growth factors (CT-102, RGDpm, rhPDGF)Substances derived from human tissue which can stimulate growth5 RCTs found growth factors helped uninfected ulcers to heal faster.6165 No UK marketing authorisation
Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF)Enhances ability to fight infectionG-CSF reduced infection and enhanced healing of severely infected diabetic foot ulcers in patients treated with antibiotics in one small RCT.66 Not currently licensed for this indication
2% ketanserin ointmentBelieved to improve local blood supplyTwo RCTs suggested benefit.67* No UK marketing authorisation
Iamin gelApplied immediately after debridementOne small RCT suggested possible benefits.68 No UK marketing authorisation
Debridement with cadexomer iodineMight promote healing better than standard treatmentEvidence from one small study.69