Table 6

Teamwork items from HSOPS and SAQ

HSOPS factorHSOPS itemsSAQ factorSAQ items
Teamwork within hospital units1. People support one another in this unitTeamwork1. Nurse input is well received in this clinical area
2. When a lot of work needs to be done quickly, we work together as a team to get the work done2. In this clinical area, it is difficult to speak up if I perceive a problem with patient care
3. In this unit, people treat each other with respect3. Disagreements in this clinical area are resolved appropriately (ie, not who is right, but what is best for the patient)
4. When one area in this unit gets really busy, others help out5. I have the support I need from other personnel to care for patients
6. It is easy for personnel here to ask questions when there is something that they do not understand
7. The physicians and nurses here work together as a well coordinated team
Communication openness1. Staff will freely speak up if they see something that may negatively affect patient care
2. Staff feel free to question the decisions or actions of those with more authority
3. Staff are afraid to ask questions when something does not seem right
  • SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire; HSOPS, Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture.