Table 7

Safety items from HSOPS and SAQ

HSOPS factorHSOPS itemsSAQ factorSAQ items
Organisational learning/continuous improvement1. We are actively doing things to improve patient safetySafety1. I would feel safe being treated here as a patient
2. Mistakes have led to positive changes here2. Medical errors are handled appropriately in this clinical area
3. After we make changes to improve patient safety, we evaluate their effectiveness3. I know the proper channels to direct questions regarding patient safety in this clinical area
4. I receive appropriate feedback about my performance
5. In this clinical area, it is difficult to discuss errors
6. I am encouraged by my colleagues to report any patient safety concerns I may have
7.The culture in this clinical area makes it easy to learn from the errors of others
  • SAQ, Safety Attitudes Questionnaire; HSOPS, Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture.