Table 2

Compliance with required medication administration procedures

ProcedureNumber of administrations complyingNumber of administrations where procedure requiredPercentage compliance with procedure (95% CIs)
Read medication label55256897.2% (95.8 to 98.5)
Checked patient's identification27256847.9% (43.8 to 52.0)
Used an aseptic technique51156890.0% (87.5 to 92.4)
Recorded medication administration53056893.3% (91.3 to 95.4)
Temporarily stored the medication prior to administration38856868.3% (64.5 to 72.1)
Two nurses checked the preparation of a dangerous drug* or intravenous infusion54456895.8% (94.1 to 97.4)
Two nurses witnessed the administration of a dangerous drug3650.0% (10.0 to 90.0)
Two nurses signed the dangerous drug register3650.0% (10.0 to 90.0)
All relevant procedures complied with14856826.1% (22.4 to 29.7)
  • * Some medications such as ‘drugs of addiction’ for example, opioids, are listed as ‘controlled’ substances (also known as ‘dangerous drugs’) according to legislation and regulations.