Table 2

Characteristics of the 18 practices in one primary care group serving a patient population of 137 000

Number of general practitioner partners in each practice
 Single handed practices—3 (an additional single handed general practitioner was about to retire, had no practice computer, and declined to be involved)
 Two partners—2
Three partners—4
Four partners—3
Five partners—2
Six partners—3
Seven partners—1
Computer systems in 1997
4 practices with Meditel
4 practices with VAMP
3 practices with Microdoc
2 practices with EMIS
2 practices with Update
3 practices with various “do it yourself” software programs
Current computer systems
11 practices with LK Global Clinical System (most of the practices that were part of a previous multifund have adopted a single computer system)
 2 practices with EMIS (1 with LV for Windows version 1.64 and 1 with V4.3M)
 2 practices with Meditel (1 with 5.6.7 and 1 with 5.7)
 2 practices with VAMP (1 with Medical 6.0 and 1 with VAMP Vision 2)
 1 practice with Microdoc (8.0)